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Hey guys!

I went on another exploring day trip to Los Angeles the other day (check out my first Day in LA adventure here) and wanted to show you what I take with me. I put together a list of the essentials.  I also added a variable list for days when the weather or location may be an issue.  Here goes!

Adventure Day Essentials

  • Purell disinfecting wipes – arguably the most used item in the bag!
  • Gum – for those post-coffee breaks
  • Deodorant – to stay smelling great
  • Smartphone lens attachments – to document the day in an artsy way
  • Sunglasses
  • Mouthwash – for those post-garlic & post-coffee breaks
  • Eyeglasses – I usually wear contacts, but I always carry glasses just in case
  • Contact solution
  • Headphones
  • Pain reliever – there’s nothing worse than having a migraine when you’re trying to explore
  • Cash / Roll of quarters – for parking or souvenirs where cards are not accepted
  • Phone charger / External battery charger – gotta stay connected!
  • Camera battery charger
  • Tissues
  • Brita water bottle – to stay hydrated with clean filtered water
  • Snacks – my favorites are Clif bars for some high carb refuelers (KitKats work too :))


  • scarf
  • gloves
  • sunscreen
  • handwarmers
  • jacket
  • taser

There you have it!  If there’s anything I left out that you think I should add to the lists, comment below.  Also check out my YouTube video for a visual version:



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