A Day in L.A. #2 (Hollywood)

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Welcome to the second installment of my Day in LA series!  If you’re new here, check out my first Day in LA post here.  🙂 For this adventure day, I headed for Hollywood.  In the 10+ years I’ve lived in Southern California, I had never been to Hollywood.  This was mostly because all of my friends had already been and didn’t care to go again (I don’t blame them!) so going solo was pretty much inevitable.

Now, this “Hollywood adventure day” was more of a walk through Hollywood’s main streets.  I started on Hollywood Blvd where the Walk of Fame starts at N Gower St.  Within a few hundred feet, I approached the legendary Pantages Theatre where I hope to actually see the inside while enjoying a show.  Behind the Pantages is the Capitol Records Building where you might catch a recording artist making their way in and out while trying to get the perfect photo angle.  I then scanned the stars on the ground for familiar names for about a mile when I reached the center of the city’s tourism, Hollywood & Highland.

DTLA in the distance

Expect to see people dressed up as superheroes offering to take a picture with you for a tip or aspiring artists handing out their mix tapes.  You’ll find the overpriced Hollywood Wax Museum as well as the TCL Chinese Theater and a large outdoor shopping mall.  The mall’s courtyard contains a fountain surrounded by Babylon Court-inspired sculptures and arches, which also afford picturesque views of the famous Hollywood sign.

The Hollywood & Highland courtyard

Because I prefer to take the road less traveled, I took the recommendations from 10,000 Steps a Day in L.A.: 52 Walking Adventures and headed west on Franklin Ave to Sycamore Ave.  I was now entering the residential part of the city and into Hollywood Heights.  Following the windy narrow streets made me feel like I was in another world.  Each house was designed with its own unique character.  I eventually made my way back to Highland Avenue and passed by the small but charming Camrose Park.  Heading north on Highland led me to the Hollywood Bowl.  I wasn’t able to get inside but I thought I could get a snack at a food truck.  Unfortunately they weren’t open yet.  From there I crossed Highland via the underground tunnel and walked back south to Milner Road.  Here is where I entered Whitley Heights.  This high-class neighborhood was beautiful and has some of the oldest houses in the area dating back to the late 1800’s.  They even have placards posted that state the year, which is very interesting.

Taking Whitley Ave led me back to Hollywood Blvd.  I headed east to Vine Street and made a right.  A couple of apartment buildings on Vine are where some of the most famous YouTubers live so I was hoping to run into at least one.  I didn’t :(.  Once I came to Sunset Blvd, I came across another Tender Greens (where I ate at Day in LA #1) but I decided to try its next door neighbor, the Melt.  They are known for their grilled cheese sandwiches but the employee at the register recommended the Philly Cheese Steak Grilled Cheese.  Let’s just say I won’t be going back.  I’m just not a fan of big heavy meals.  I made my way back to my car, passing the Hollywood Palladium and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and concluded another successful adventure day in Los Angeles.

Here’s a walking map of the day’s adventure:

Check out this montage of the day’s events:

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