10 People Who Need to Travel More

Some people are so ignorant to the rest of the world due to a lack of travel (or Google search skills).  I’ve compiled a list of a few people that asked questions to the internet that prove they need more adventure and travel in their lives.  I hope they make you laugh or smile!

  1. I stole this one from another blog by a South African adventurer, but just thought it was so funny.

2. Is this for real??

3. Maybe you should check with the airline…

4. You do realize Canada is on the continent of North America, not Asia, right?

5. I never even saw Hawaiian pizza when I visited Hawaii. However, Kalua Pork Pizza is popular.

6. Oh dear.

7. I just liked the sassy response on this one.

8. Thank you for those additional details.  They really clarified the question haha.

9. At least they were nice about it?

10. Sorry, I can’t forgive you…

And there you have it!  10 people that need to travel more.  Comment below some ignorant questions you’ve heard or been asked!  And feel free to share the laughter with friends!





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