Rainy Day Travel Guide – What To Do & Wear

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We’ve all been there.

You have the itinerary for your exciting trip all set and then you check the weather forecast right before your departure only to find it’s filled with water falling from the sky.  Just great.  How are you supposed to enjoy that picnic in the park or the outdoor walking tour of the city?  What about that beach day you had all planned out?

Not to worry!  Here’s a guide to surviving the rain on your solo vacation!

Things To Do:

  • Go to a museum or art gallery.  It’s likely that you already have a visit to one or multiple museums on your must-go list so this is a very good and realistic option.  Plus you can spend multiple hours studying the art that reflects the culture of the area you’re visiting while staying dry.
  • Go to an aquarium.  Aquariums are a great opp to familiarize yourself with the local sea life.
  • See a live play, opera or concert. Spending an evening at the opera, concert hall or playhouse lets you escape from the rain while enjoying live art.
  • Relax in a cafe and people watch or update travel journal. I do this anyway, but it’s an especially good idea on a wet day.  It’s nice to take a break from all the walking around and hustle and bustle and just relax and clear your head.
  • Go souvenir shopping. Assuming the shopping malls or stores are indoors, it’s a great time to get your shopping done for those gifts for loved ones or for yourself.
  • Browse in a bookstore or library. I love going to bookstores or libraries in other cities to look for secondhand or used books.  That’s my souvenir.  🙂
  • Go indoor rock climbing. This one may seem a little odd.  But me being a climber, I love exploring other climbing gyms on my travels.  Plus you don’t have to bring your own equipment since you can just rent or borrow some at the gym.  It’s also a great way to connect with the locals.

What to Wear:

  • If you can’t change your plans around and have to be outside, the most important item of clothing you should have is a windbreaker or raincoat.  Windbreakers are thin so they are very easy to roll up tight and fit in your day pack.  Staying dry is key!  A very cheap emergency windbreaker can be found here: Waterproof Unisex Black Jacket Lightweight Windproof Hooded Rain Jacket Easy Carry for Cycling Running Sport Outwear Sun Protection (Black, Medium)
  • It would also be wise to wear shoes with good traction and even high-tops or boots to prevent getting your socks wet.  Wet socks are enough to ruin your day!
  • Your first instinct may be to bundle up when you see rain in the forecast.  While it may be cold outside, remember that you will mostly be inside heated facilities or walking around.  And most likely with a backpack on.  I’ve made that mistake myself and although the rain didn’t get me wet, I was drenched with sweat.  My advice is to dress light but keep an extra layer or two in your bag just in case.

Although these suggestions are for a rainy day, they are also great things to do ANY day! Let me know what you like to do on a rainy day when traveling and share your tips! 🙂

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